Celebrity Makeup Secrets

We’ve all noticed that our favorite celebrities have a beautiful, clear and smooth skin complexion. It seems as though these actresses, musicians and models collectively have skin that’s so much better than the general population!

So what are the makeup secrets for the stars?
How is it that celebrities always look so fabulous?

One of the top celebrity makeup secrets:

Dinair Airbrush Makeup!

In fact, with high-definition the new standard in television and film, traditional makeup application methods are no longer suitable. High-definition captures each and every flaw, bump, crease and imperfection. This has made airbrush makeup the new standard for on-camera work.

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Airbrush Makeup: The Celebrity Makeup Secret!


Dinair airbrush makeup leaves your skin looking smooth, silky and perfect. In fact, it doesn’t look like you’re wearing makeup at all, as it’s not “caked on” and it precisely matches your natural skin tone. There’s no streaking, fading or shifting into the creases of your eyelids.

The appearance of pores are even minimized, creating a silky, smooth appearance! The reason? Normally, when you apply foundation, it’s drawn across the pores. This causes the makeup to get “caught” inside the pores. Think of it a bit like smearing peanut butter across a mesh screen. The peanut butter would be distributed unevenly across the surface, with more peanut butter accumulating in the holes of the mesh. The same thing happens with your foundation and the larger your skin’s pores, the more significant this problem will be. It results in more noticeable, prominent pores. This leaves you at increased risk of developing clogged pores, which can lead to breakouts and blackheads.


Airbrush makeup is the key makeup secrets for the stars since it applies an even coat of super light mist that falls evenly across the skin’s surface. There’s no added accumulation inside the pores, making them much less prominent in appearance.

It’s also a favorite for the complete coverage that’s required to conceal blemishes, scars and even tattoos! Ever wonder how they so perfectly cover models’ tattoos on the runway? That achieved with an airbrush – the top celebrity makeup weapon!

Have you ever noticed that your favorite musician’s makeup looks fabulous and flawless, even at the end of a performance under hot stage lights?

Again, Dinair airbrush makeup comes to the rescue!

Airbrush makeup dries and sets in just moments because it applied in a mist that so fine that you do even feel it as it being applied! Once it sets and dries, this makeup will stay put! It water resistant and it won’t slide off your face due to sweat or a run through a light sprinkling rain. In fact, airbrush makeup feels so lightweight that you may forget that you wearing makeup! It the number one celebrity makeup secret for a face that looks fabulous around the clock, even at the end of a long, active day!

Dinair airbrush makeup is also ideal for creating your favorite celebrity eye makeup effects! Dramatic eye shadow applications with smooth, hard-to-achieve gradients are easy to achieve with an airbrush. In addition to beautiful eye makeup effects, it simple to create special effects using stencils. So adding a whimsical cluster of stars at your temple takes just moments!

In short, a Dinair airbrush makeup kit is an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to achieve beautiful makeup looks like the ones you see on the red carpet, the runway and on television or in the movies. You get everything you need to create looks for any occasion, from a day at the office, to an evening out with friends, to your best friend’s wedding and beyond! The kit comes with everything you need – a compressor, compressor line, easy-to-use airbrush and makeup that will match virtually any skin tone.

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